Business Languages

Hi all!
we are now working on creating an Academy for Business Languages inside Impact Hub Zaragoza. The idea is that you should learn business languages where business happens… also, in a totally different and dynamic way.
Is there anyone interested? want to learn more? any suggestions???

Please, speak up!!!

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Really interesting!!! is it just for english or you will add others ?

We will add other languages, but will start with English. It’ll depend on the needs of the professionals… we could even add Korean!

Hi!, this is a great idea, I have to present products and negotiate in English from times to times and I should have to refresh my presentation skills in english. I would propose meetings focused on presenting ideas or having a discussion about an specific area. What do you think?

I’m in! Good idea. How Will the course be?

Sounds great @Luis_Arenaz
We will start doing some open workshops for whomever wants to join… so keep yourself posted on our event schedule :wink:
And for whomever want something more specific, just let us know, as we could organize an individual or group class… but yes, we will make them very focused, as you say… so we could organize a specific class for a presentation if you want :wink:

We are right now on the definition phace @Roberto_Serrano_Berm… so we can build up whatever is required… if you have an specific need, just let us know as we could organize it for you…
For example, we could organize an individual class for you on a specific need, like @Luis_Arenaz above that needs some refreshment on presentation skills…
If not… just keep yourself posted on our english events :wink:

Hi Felix, I can wait. I’m looking an English’s course. If we talk about business it’s better for my interests.

Best regards,

It’s great to hear from you! Let me introduce myself, I’m Alison, I’m the English Facilitator for Businesses at Impact Hub Zaragoza.
I’d love to do a business English workshop with you and find out more about the kind of session you are looking for.

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@Alison_Ratcliffe ok. I’ll go to the next English event. Actually I don’t need a specific english session for just myself. If you want we can have a coffee and talk about the next sesion

Hi guys, sounds cool, I am interested in business conversations.
I also invite to just speak in english whenever you want, please do not hesitate to just have random conversation with me, when you feel like it :wink:.